Yes, Eben…

I’m Serious About Becoming A Virtual CEO
Kicking My Business Into High-Growth Mode
And Creating My Ideal Lifestyle...

Here’s a breakdown of the entire 6-month
immersive training experience:

The Virtual CEO Program

The Virtual CEO Program is a 6-month immersive training experience for entrepreneurs who want to become high-growth Virtual CEO’s. If you want to shift your business into high-growth mode and create your ideal lifestyle, this is the place to do it.

The Virtual CEO includes:

The 7 Profit Pillars

The Virtual CEO program is built on 7 profit pillars, that we will install in your business and life over the next 6-months… Productivity, Product, Marketing, Growth, Mastermind, Money and Wealth, and Lifestyle and Learning.

When you install all 7 Pillars, they link together and become a powerful system that activates the power of “exponential compounding”. Each pillar compounds the power of the next… kicking your business and your life into high-growth mode.

This is how you create exponential growth in your business and your life!

6-Months Of Live Coaching Classes

The Virtual CEO Program gives you a series of 12 live Coaching Classes with me, broken into 12 implementation modules. Every two weeks, we get on a live class together that takes about 90 minutes. We’ll work together to install the 7 Profit Pillars into your business and your life. Each class is carefully designed to build on the next to benefit from the power of compounding and give your business exponential growth.

Module 1:Double Your Productivity

  • We start in The Virtual CEO by going to work immediately to double your productivity, and to free up at least 2 hours per day of your attention
  • We’ll invest these 2 hours into the high-value, money-making activities in your business
  • I’ll personally help you hard-wire permanent habits into your life, so you automatically do the things you need to do in order to be productive, and to grow your business

Module 2:Your Breakthrough Product

  • We’ll work together to create your next Breakthrough Product - a product that has the power to double or triple your business immediately
  • How to build a “graduation model” in your business, that allows your most valuable and profitable customers to keep buying from you, over and over again
  • I’m going to give you my most advanced systems and psychological “hacking tools” to guarantee that your products and services literally sell themselves

Module 3:Scalable, Automated Marketing

  • You’ll get all my proven marketing templates… just fill in the blanks to create winning marketing for your business
  • Build automated conversion funnels that educate your prospective buyers and follow up automatically until they convert to paying customers
  • How to combine targeted proven advertising methods with online conversion funnels to find all the customers you need for your business

Module 4:Systems & People For High-Growth

  • We’re going to build everything so it’s run by a system… freeing you to focus on higher and more profitable things for your business
  • We’re going to only recruit and hire super-stars, so that they can take over and do the things that the business needs to do in order to grow and thrive on its own (without you being there)
  • We’ll build an automated dashboard and tracking system for your business that will give you the information and intelligence you need to produce long-term exponential growth

Module 5:Your Virtual CEO Mastermind

  • You’ll learn the architecture and the techniques for building your own winning mastermind both inside and outside The Virtual CEO community
  • You’ll hear me interviewing people who are part of some of the masterminds that I’ve been in - so you can look over my shoulder and learn how to get the best results
  • You’ll attend the Virtual CEO Summit and build a long-term mastermind with people who can launch you to the next level of business success
  • A winning mastermind is the highest-leverage personal-change tool known to humans, period

Module 6:Using Your Money To Build Wealth

  • Success with money and wealth requires a new mindset, and a new set of habits... there is a formula for building wealth, and it goes far beyond just making money
  • I’ll show you how to take the profit you’re making from your growing virtual business, then INVEST it wisely in the right assets that grow exponentially over time
  • The Virtual CEO Program will give you all of my best tools and proven systems for mastering money, assets, and wealth… so you can achieve long-term financial security

Module 7:Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

  • The entire point of the Virtual CEO Program is to give you more of the LIFE you want… I’ll show you how to design, create, and LIVE your ideal lifestyle.
  • We’ll get EVERYTHING you shouldn’t be doing off your plate... so you can either work on the highest money-making activities in your business, or completely relax and do the things that you enjoy most in life
  • You’ll build a business that is carefully designed to “take on a life of its own” and become a valuable asset that gives you the security and freedom that you want and need in your life

Register Now And You Also Get These Bonuses

$10,000 Live Virtual CEO Summit

The Virtual CEO Summit will be the best learning, networking, and strategic planning summit for entrepreneurs this year, and maybe ever. Spend three days with me and other high-growth entrepreneurs in a luxury environment in Chicago. Friday, August 12th to Sunday, August 14th, 2016.
(There will be a live stream available if you cannot make it.)

Tickets to this event will be sold for $10,000, you can only get this as a bonus for 2 ½ days… after that, it’s $10k-$12k a ticket… you will definitely be in the room with people who invested that amount to be there.

You may have read about one of Bill Gates’ secrets when he was building Microsoft and becoming the richest man in the world. He religiously took time off every year to spend two weeks in a cabin, completely away from the business… reading, planning, and thinking about his future.

The Virtual CEO Community

Get unlimited access to The Virtual CEO Community. This is an amazing community of high-growth entrepreneurs who will take your business and life to a whole new level.

The Virtual CEO Community is supported by our custom app (for IOS and Android). I custom designed this one-of-a-kind app for my own personal masterminds because I believe that a winning mastermind is the highest-leverage personal-change tool known to humans... period.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the famous success bible “Think & Grow Rich” said that no great success is possible without the power of the mastermind…

Being a part of The Virtual CEO Community gives you the enormous power of a “Virtual Mastermind” at your fingertips.

$100,000 Platinum Passport

This is the most valuable bonus package that I have ever offered. In fact, I believe it’s the most valuable bonus package that’s ever been offered, for any business training course.

I’ve created about 40 different courses on business and marketing - many of them priced between 2,000 and $30,000 each. I’ve carefully recorded and edited all of them to build a digital video and audio catalog of all my best training. Access to this priceless library is called my ‘Platinum Passport’.

I did the quick math to total how much our students invested to go through the original versions of each of these courses. It’s over $100,000 dollars!

And that’s not an imaginary number. That’s what my students actually invested to get ALL of these different training programs. When you register today for The Virtual CEO Program, I’ll give you 1-year of unlimited access to my entire Platinum Passport as a free bonus.

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The Virtual CEO Community $997 FREE
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The Virtual CEO Summit
VIP Ticket

When you choose to pay your tuition in full, you’ll get special VIP access. This means you’ll get your own VIP registration line at the event. Plus, you’ll get early access to the event meeting space each day to get your seat. You’ll even get a VIP lunch with me during the program where I’ll be answering questions and hanging out.

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$100,000 Platinum Passport
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When you register today with our paid in full option, not only will you save $1,000 and get a VIP ticket to The Virtual CEO Summit, I will also upgrade your Platinum Passport bonus to LIFETIME access.

This means you will have unlimited lifetime access to the most valuable bonus package that I have ever offered. In fact, I believe it’s the most valuable bonus package that’s ever been offered, for any business training course.

I’ve created about 40 different courses on business and marketing - many of them priced between 2,000 and $30,000 each. I did the quick math to total how much our students invested to go through the original versions of each of these courses. It’s over $100,000 dollars!

You’ll get unrestricted, lifetime access to all of it when you register now using the paid in full option. Plus, you’ll save almost $1,000 at checkout.

Value: Priceless

Kick Your Business Into High-Growth Mode

I’m offering you these bonuses, because we HAVE to kick your business into high-growth mode and create your ideal lifestyle… and I want to motivate you to take action and do it. These are the very best courses I’ve ever created, and all of my best tools for creating success in your life.

Get A VIP Summit Ticket & Platinum Passport Lifetime Access When You Use The 1 Pay Option Below:

100% Guarantee
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I want you to feel secure that if you attend the summit, participate in the classes, and do the exercises with me, you’ll be able to grow your business and create your ideal lifestyle.

That’s the point: we have to kick your business into high-growth mode, so you can enjoy The Virtual CEO Lifestyle.

And you will. But I also have a secure guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind.

Here’s my guarantee: If you go through The Virtual CEO course, attend the Live Summit, do the exercises, and you don’t think it’s worth 10x your investment… just show me your homework and exercises so I know you went through the program - and I’ll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

I can give you this incredible guarantee and let you take the entire program - with zero risk to you - because I am 100% confident that The Virtual CEO Program will help you create the business and life that you want.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.